The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast

Episode 096: Making Money Doesn't Have To Be Hard Sis!

September 20, 2021 Kimberly Reynolds
The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast
Episode 096: Making Money Doesn't Have To Be Hard Sis!
Show Notes

Hey, POP Squad!

In today's episode, I share a live stream that I did on my Facebook and InstagramI submit to you brand new coaches and aspiring coaches in my community that making money doesn't have to be hard!

I am breaking all the myths about making money, including some that I had myself.

Being a black woman and a physician, everything in my life was telling me that making money was hard. So, when it came to my business, I set it up in such a way that I made it hard for myself to make money. I would complicate everything for myself.

It wasn't until I simplified what I was doing. I changed this limiting belief based on the actions that I was doing and that really allowed me to see that making money is not hard.

As entrepreneurs, for us to be able to make the great impact that we desire, we need to make it easy and simple. If we believe that making money is hard, we unconsciously set up barriers to our success.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Clearly defining your transformational process and promise. 
  • Pricing your program off of your transformational process and promise.
  • Consistent conversations lead to conversions.
  • Start selling consistently.

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