The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast

Episode 078: From Consumption to CREATION!!!

May 24, 2021 Kimberly Reynolds
The High-Ticket Doc™ Podcast
Episode 078: From Consumption to CREATION!!!
Show Notes

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Let's get into it...

As an entrepreneur, I know how it is to be in consumption mode and not feel ready to start creating because of wanting things to be perfect.

When babies are learning how to walk, we put them on the ground and walk away, knowing fully well that they are going to fall because they’re afraid to take that first step. Knowing this, we still start the process!

We allow them to fall and fail but eventually, they get used to it and start walking!

Similarly, you need to allow yourself to take those wobbly messy first steps and start creating in order to serve.

CREATION is part of our purpose; to launch out and to do good works of our own.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Taking messy first steps
  • Pulling others out of a dark place through coaching
  • You aren’t purposed to coach for free

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